Dutch dudes touring around barcelona! || Vlog 010


At the moment I’m back in workmode again so you’ll probably will
see the normal hustle vlogs by the end of next week, (meer…)

I shall name you.. Blackzo Knol || Vlog 07


Here again with another vlog. Right now I’m preparing to go to barcelona so I’m
taking it easy with work and stuff (meer…)

Inside the mastermind!!! || vlog 06


I’m kind of in a hurry. I have some stuff to take care off. So without
saying too much here’s the new vlog!!! (meer…)

Getting married || Vlog 05

Sup sup,

It’s been awhile. I’ve been busy with school and was sick the last few weeks.
Never been sick for so long it kind of freaked me out. (meer…)

Dare to live!

When I started this blog I did it because I just couldn’t see myself doing a normal 9-5 job without atleast trying my hardest to make it work as the owner of my own thing .
It’s not that I have anything against it, it just wasn’t something I’d see myself doing. (meer…)

The stories we tell ourselfs!!! The obsticale for going to the next level.


Rogier here. I’m kind of in a hurry. I’m behind on my habitsheet.
For those who don’t know what that is.See for yourself it’s pretty cool.
It’s a system with which you can learn new habits and track your progress
while learning them. (meer…)

If you don’t think you’re the sh*t you’re not going to get women period point blank!!!!!! tales of entitlement.

Waddup rogier here,

It’s 0:20 AM on a Saturday and I’m sitting in front of my pc writing this blog because I’m in the zone and can’t stop working lol. I was sick the past week which really sucked, because I couldn’t get anything done; but I’m back at full throttle. I’ve got a lot of project I’m working , but you’ll see those in the future. I’m also going to try to give a more clearer view of the stuff I’m doing by using photo’s and video’s in the future, but that’s it for the update let’s get to the main topic.

Today I wanted to get back to the dating side of things and talk about subject that a lot of men have trouble with called entitlement. So what is entitlement? It’s basically the feeling of belief that you deserve something. When picking up a girl or when you’re in a relationship with a girl and there is a lack of entitlement present this equals death, because subconsciously you’re going to try and mess it up.

The first and worst example where a lack of entitlement can mess with your dating live is when you see a girl you find attractive and you don’t even walk up to talk to her out of a fear of rejection. While you’re busy trying to not get rejected you are rejecting yourself!!!

The second example I want to give you is when you are in a relationship and because of your lack of entitlement you’re always afraid that you’re going to lose your girl, because of this you’ll be afraid to get into arguments and everytime she leaves you’ll be paranoid that some guy will take her from you.
It could’ve been a beautiful relationship, but instead because of your own beliefs you’re trapped in a pitiful co-dependent relationship that will never grow into what it should be.

The third example is the where you met a girl and you where killing it. Everything that came out of your mouth was pure gold, everything you did was smoother than it ever was you were on fire! Let’s say you went to the bathroom and all of a sudden you lose this state and you go back and you see she’s talking to a other guy who is also in the zone, got arms as big as your entire body and is basically what you thought you were when you were in the zone. When you have a lack of entitlement it’s very likely that you won’t even go back to them to fight for the interaction you just had and as a result lose the girl.

Everybody has this lack of entitlement in different fields so it’s not something to be ashamed of and
if you haven’t been told that you are awesome in these fields from being young it’s really hard to take on these beliefs, but it is possible to raise your entitlement.

So start recognizing when you feel like you have a lack of entitlement in a situation and make the decision to go against it. I’ll get in depth a little bit more later but this is it for now.