How you can learn from people who don’t know anything!!!!



Sitting on the couch in my apartment again while I’m typing this blog. I wanted to write a post because I realized I’m really stuborn when it comes to accepting peoples help and taking their advice.
What I noticed too is that when I actually listen to advice most of the time it really helps. There are sometimes that using somebody’s advice can make matters worst, but that isn’t the people that gave you’re their advice their fault. The fault lies with you not being able to filter out the necessary information that you can benefit from.

Learning from successes
This is the easiest way of taking advice where you can just follow their example or use there principles and incorporate it into your own life.

Learning from failure
A while ago someone I knew told me about someone who tried to give him advice about financial issues with his company, but he thought he shouldn’t give advice  because he used to have his own company before it bankrupted. Yeah sure he made mistakes, but that doesn’t deny the fact that he build his own company. Try to find out where he went the wrong direction and learn from it.

Learning from the process
Sometimes you will get advice from people who haven’t achieved anything, but that doesn’t mean there advice has no value. The process of those people could inspire you to do more. If he’s working this hard I can do that too, If he can endure so much pain I can’t quit her.
Besides inspiriting you to work harder it can also give you different means that can help you develop or better your own process in doing things.

Well that’s all I have to say for today