Work hard, Play hard & Travel (Stockholm,Boedapest, zagreb)


I got a treat for you guys!!! I’m really busy so I’ll make this quick.
I made a compilation of few of the countries me and friends went. (meer…)

Braindump episode 05: How to improve as fast as possible!!!


Rogier here. I’m almost back to my regular schedual got some request through
the mail I’m taking care of, but I thought it would be cool to give you a little update
before I get back to it. (meer…)

Offering value by becoming more valueble!

Sup peeps,

It’s the last day of my offering value awareness week. I’m kind of tired from sitting behind a computer or laptop for five days straight for atleast 12 hours so shutting this thing down after I post this will be heavenly. (meer…)

Offering value & making money ||vblog(3/5)


Rogier here. It’s day number three of the offering value awareness week.
I’m sorry, but I really need to rush making this blog I’m late for a couple of
other things.  (meer…)

Offending the girl: The willingness to make mistakes!!!!!!


Yesterday I slept only two hours because I was helping a friend with a project till late in the morning so I apologize for the late post, but here I am. I’m thrilled that I’m getting a little momentum with posting lately and I think I’m ready to take it a step further so watch out for that. (meer…)

Relying on proof not promises


Really tired right now I’ve been doing to much and not sleeping that much. I gues it’s
time to put some activities in maintainance mode before everything turns into a mess.
For today I got a quick little video I recorded a while ago. I hope you enjoy it.

That’s all for now.