This segment will be about different lifestyles i’ll be researching that might inspire you to create the lifestyle you deserve

Stop hoping for things to change

We all have a vision of our perfect future selfs and if your like me not a day goes by
were you aren’t thinking about the person you want to be and the things you want to do.
Then reality comes into the picture school, social obligations, work etc. and often
we let these things take priority over or vision.

It’s perfectly reasonable to have other things in your life that take up your time, but what I
realised that there is a difference between having priorities and making excuses, because
your afraid to start.

We might say to ourself we’ll start when we have more time, but in reality I think
there’s always going to be something that’s going to be in the way of your vision for your ideal life.

Let’s say you have a nine to five job that’s preventing you from going for your dreams.
If you don’t take action what is the chance that in 15 years you’re still doing the same routine.

I think that’s a pretty big chance considering you’re always need money to pay your rent,
have food on the table etc.

So if you’re ready and you don’t start now, don’t bother at all. Your life isn’t going to
change by itself for you to  do your thing. You’re going to have to make the time.

To those daring to take this step

Good luck!!!!


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You are being fooled and you don’t even know it!!!!


Rogier here comming at you with a new vlog. I’m posting this vlog a little a head of schedual, because I’ll be busy attending
seminars the entire weekend whoop whoop!!  It’s been a while since I put up a new vlog so I wanted to
make it a little different. I’ve been basically experimenting with video programs for three days and learned
a lot of new cool stuff. Well here it is.


Well I hope you enjoyed the vlog. Still working on getting the public speaking and editing down, but
i’ll get there. By the way if you like my blog about never impressing girls you’re going to flip when I
bring out my next vlog. It’s about dating and will probaly be an eyeopener for a lot of guys who have
trouble finding the nerves to approach women. Look out for it in two week!!!!

PS. A few months ago I watched an documentary about frank gehry a famous architect and he said
that the biggest achievements were done in teams. I’m beginning to notice that a lot of the ideas I
have in my head I can’t bring to live because I need another pair of hands. With this in mind I’m looking
for a assistant for the following five weeks. If you are interested hit me up on

Well that’s all for now