The blogs in this category will be about the mindsets that will help you get out of your own way when it comes to interacting and attracting women.

Offending the girl: The willingness to make mistakes!!!!!!


Yesterday I slept only two hours because I was helping a friend with a project till late in the morning so I apologize for the late post, but here I am. I’m thrilled that I’m getting a little momentum with posting lately and I think I’m ready to take it a step further so watch out for that. (meer…)

Succes barriers in dating

Before you read this let me make this clear I’m not a dating specialist of some kind.I’m just a guy who basically went from being really shy and not being able to talk to people I didn’t know to becoming really good at sparking conversations with strangers by pro-actively working on it.

So what I’m about to write is targeted at a specific group of people.

This is for all the socially awkward guys who like myself took controll of their own life and made the decission to work on themself and are willing to go through pain, hummiliation & hardships to better themself in this aspect. If you don’t fall under this category this blog is not for you.

As I said I pro-actively worked on my social skills to get better at communicating in general. I did that by constantly putting myself in situations that put social pressure on myself and learning to deal with them. I’m busy with a study where you have to finish every coarse with a presentation, I started dancing and participated in battles & started sparking up conversations with women in the middle of the day in crowded places and I learned really handy stuff as a result.

So today I want to talk about succes bariers in dating. In other words when the obstical between you and the woman of your dreams is yourself. This is something that can occur when your on the journey of becoming your best self in dating.

These succes barriers can manifest in different ways so I’ll give a few examples

-Not hitting up the numbers you get from girls
-Not stepping up and talk to the girl you like
-Leaving mid-conversation even though everything is going well
-Cancelling dates
-Avoiding long term relationships

In my opinion these succes barriers are there, because we are dealing with the unknown and that scares us. There are many variations maybe it’s your first time getting a number from a girl or the first time you got a number from a girl that seems out of your league.

This esspecially happens when you start to get better at talking to women, because you start to identify with your succes. You no longer see yourself as the socially awkward guy, but as the guy who is good at this and that guy never gets rejected. This perception of yourself can stifle you and prevent you from taking risks, because risks don’t always go in your favor. In these cases instinctively you wil sabotage yourself by not trying, because then you can still tell yourself that if you actually tried you could’ve done it.

So now that we know this how can we blast through these barriers?
I don’t have this perfect how to to break past your barriers, but what I do know is everytime I broke through a barrier ( Which most of the time was followed by the next one) I had to change the way I saw myself. Instead of seeing yourself as good or bad at dating see yourself as someone who ebs and flows between both. That way you won’t get stiffled when you have to take risks and you’ll at peace with your results no matter what they are.


As a bonus a friend of mine just started a new blog you might have seen him in one of my vblogs.
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If you don’t think you’re the sh*t you’re not going to get women period point blank!!!!!! tales of entitlement.

Waddup rogier here,

It’s 0:20 AM on a Saturday and I’m sitting in front of my pc writing this blog because I’m in the zone and can’t stop working lol. I was sick the past week which really sucked, because I couldn’t get anything done; but I’m back at full throttle. I’ve got a lot of project I’m working , but you’ll see those in the future. I’m also going to try to give a more clearer view of the stuff I’m doing by using photo’s and video’s in the future, but that’s it for the update let’s get to the main topic.

Today I wanted to get back to the dating side of things and talk about subject that a lot of men have trouble with called entitlement. So what is entitlement? It’s basically the feeling of belief that you deserve something. When picking up a girl or when you’re in a relationship with a girl and there is a lack of entitlement present this equals death, because subconsciously you’re going to try and mess it up.

The first and worst example where a lack of entitlement can mess with your dating live is when you see a girl you find attractive and you don’t even walk up to talk to her out of a fear of rejection. While you’re busy trying to not get rejected you are rejecting yourself!!!

The second example I want to give you is when you are in a relationship and because of your lack of entitlement you’re always afraid that you’re going to lose your girl, because of this you’ll be afraid to get into arguments and everytime she leaves you’ll be paranoid that some guy will take her from you.
It could’ve been a beautiful relationship, but instead because of your own beliefs you’re trapped in a pitiful co-dependent relationship that will never grow into what it should be.

The third example is the where you met a girl and you where killing it. Everything that came out of your mouth was pure gold, everything you did was smoother than it ever was you were on fire! Let’s say you went to the bathroom and all of a sudden you lose this state and you go back and you see she’s talking to a other guy who is also in the zone, got arms as big as your entire body and is basically what you thought you were when you were in the zone. When you have a lack of entitlement it’s very likely that you won’t even go back to them to fight for the interaction you just had and as a result lose the girl.

Everybody has this lack of entitlement in different fields so it’s not something to be ashamed of and
if you haven’t been told that you are awesome in these fields from being young it’s really hard to take on these beliefs, but it is possible to raise your entitlement.

So start recognizing when you feel like you have a lack of entitlement in a situation and make the decision to go against it. I’ll get in depth a little bit more later but this is it for now.


So I walked up to this girl, but what now?

Wadup peepz,

Not having the best week of my life right now. My laptop and computer broke down my cellphone is tripping out and I got tons of deadlines, but C’est la vie! They’re not going away by moaning about them. I’m still bummed out though because I really wanted to post a vlog today, but yeah Let’s get on with the blog.

Today I’m diving a little bit into the dating stuff and I’ll start this off by saying
the biggest reason why most men don’t approach women is because they don’t know what to say so I thought let me make a blog about it so you guys can realize that knowing what to say is the least of your problems and you can work on more important things lol.

So let me give you some background information about myself I used to be one of the shyest kids you would’ve ever met. The only people I could talk normally with was my family and my friends. If anybody else would talk to me I would clam up or talk so soft that nobody could understand me. I even got nervous if I had to greet people I didn’t know. With that kind of history you don’t exactly become don juan.

So here is a piece of info what helped me a lot:

  1. The reason you don’t know what to say is because you are filtering your words. Lower the bar everything you say is acceptable.
  2. It doesn’t matter what you say what matters is your vibe when you say it.
  3. Women will find everything you say interesting, because they want to know what you find interesting.

To hammer this down I leave you with an example of this. A few weeks ago I went out and I met this girl and we were playing truth or dare in the club and she dared me to go to a girl surrounded by four guys and tell her that I had to take a dump. So the first thing I thought was these guys are going to kick my ass, but the doormen were nearby so I thought what the hell Let’s do this. I walked up to the girl and it felt like everyone around me stopped what they were doing and started to look at what I was doing. Funny how in these kind of situations it always feels like everybody is watching you. So I tapped the girl and said I had to take a dump and I asked her if she hated it when it that happened in the club. She started to laugh and we started to hit it off. Funny enough the other girl got jelous and tried to pull me away from her haha. So you never know!

Well that’s all for now


Never try to impress a girl!!!


Rogier here trying to sqeeze in a quick blog. Today I wanted to talk about a topic I haven’t
really been paying attention on my blog, but quite the opposite in real life. I’m talking about dating philosphy. After getting rejected by millions of women hahaha I got a few insights about approaching women and what a lot of men (including myself for a part of the time) do wrong.

We as people are social beings and learn a lot of what we know through second hand experience. An example of this is knowing that if you get hit by a bullet you will get hurt. We don’t have to experience it. This really comes in handy because we can learn a lot in a relatively short time, but this also has a negative side especially when it comes to picking up women.

drop-the-gun-or-else-ill-shoot meme









If you look at tv programs a lot of ideas get put to the front that just aren’t true. The most typical idea I see on tv is the idea that you have to impress the girl. Trying to impress a girls is probably one of the most ineffective ways to go about picking her up, because of two things. One every girl is different so if you see a girl on the street and you start talking to her you don’t know anything about her including what might impress her. The second reason I can think of is if you’re busy trying to impress her by putting on your so called ‘cool’ or even a ‘nice guy’ character when does she get the time to know the real you.

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Now that we know this let me give you a tip that helped me a lot with this subject. Emotions are contagious! Let’s say you’re having fun with your friends and one of your friends all of a sudden says his mom died what will happen to the vibe? It will go down and everybody will feel uneasy visa versa what will happen if you are feeling a little down and a friend of yours comes barging through the door in partymode? You’ll probably get drawn into that .

You can use that when trying to pick up a girl. If you come with good emotions she will get drawn into that. Stop impressing and start trying to make yourself laugh with what you’re saying and doing. Even if it doesn’t make sense just blurt it out. Keep in mind this won’t work a hundred percent of the time their will be a lot of girls that probably won’t like your humor, but that’s a good thing because then you don’t have to waste your time with the girls you don’t connect with.

I’ve prioritized working on a project for school over this blog so there won’t be a special bonus video this week, but I intend to go
in much more depth about this subject in a later blog.

That’s all for now