Auteur: Rogier Giersthove

Hi! My name is Rogier I'm a digital marketer, freelance copywriter, and SEO enthusiast. Currently, I'm working on a website called Real Digital Success that helps people with making money online.

He doesn’t want to be part of the team || vlog 011


It’s been awhile I know. I’ve been busy trying out some new stuff and
haven’t really had the time to make some new video’s. Funny enough I went
through the blog and saw that this video was missing. Apparently I made it and
never uploaded it here on the blog.

So without further ado

Dutch dudes touring around barcelona! || Vlog 010


At the moment I’m back in workmode again so you’ll probably will
see the normal hustle vlogs by the end of next week, (meer…)

I shall name you.. Blackzo Knol || Vlog 07


Here again with another vlog. Right now I’m preparing to go to barcelona so I’m
taking it easy with work and stuff (meer…)

Inside the mastermind!!! || vlog 06


I’m kind of in a hurry. I have some stuff to take care off. So without
saying too much here’s the new vlog!!! (meer…)

Getting married || Vlog 05

Sup sup,

It’s been awhile. I’ve been busy with school and was sick the last few weeks.
Never been sick for so long it kind of freaked me out. (meer…)

Work hard, Play hard & Travel (Stockholm,Boedapest, zagreb)


I got a treat for you guys!!! I’m really busy so I’ll make this quick.
I made a compilation of few of the countries me and friends went. (meer…)

Stop lying to yourself and be egotistical!!!

At our core I think all humans are good, but I also think alot of people are lying to themselves and because of that are leaving a whole lot of tools in the ‘shed’ that they could use too further there goals. (meer…)