Stop lying to yourself and be egotistical!!!

At our core I think all humans are good, but I also think alot of people are lying to themselves and because of that are leaving a whole lot of tools in the ‘shed’ that they could use too further there goals.

We all change throughout our proces of reaching our goals we might begin, because of low concience egotistical reasons. We might want to impress girls, prove the doubters wrong and hold it over peoples head that we make more money than them, but trough experiences some good and some bad we mature.

I’ve noticed with myself when I took on something new I sometimes lied to myself. I said to myself I’m doing this to help people, but I was also doing it to look cool and when the going got tough I told myself I’m only doing it for the people I can help. I left a huge part of my motivation to the side that could help me get through the tough times.

I’m now of the opinion that it doesn’t matter what reason you use to motivate you as long as it helps you get the job done. It might not be the most noble reason, but that doesn’t matter. You grow while doing. So instead of trying to force yourself to think like someone you’re not, own up to your egotistical reasons and get that extra motivation you need.

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