Dare to live!

When I started this blog I did it because I just couldn’t see myself doing a normal 9-5 job without atleast trying my hardest to make it work as the owner of my own thing .
It’s not that I have anything against it, it just wasn’t something I’d see myself doing.

For some reason we all get encouraged to take the 9-5 route. When I say to my family I study architecture one of the most frequent question that comes up is, are there jobs in that sector at the moment? It’s a mentality that’s deeply embedded in this society.

When I was seventeen though I started to go with the flow of everyone around me and slowly started to take on this mentality till I met a few people who actually did their own thing. I knew going the normal 9-5 route wasn’t for me, but it wasn’t till I saw others that diverted from that path that I actually gave myself the permision to say let’s put all the other stuff I’m busy with that isn’t leading me to where I want to be on hold and start doing the things that will actually lead me to feeling happy and fulfilled.

I got lucky that I met these people that allowed me to peek behind the curtain of what’s considered normal to the endless possibilities that exist, but not everybody will meet these kind of people.
So if you’re reading this now let me be that person that will give you that permision to do what you actually want to do. If it’s traveling the world, become a famous music artist, a profesional basketballer or video gamer.

Just do it!!!!

It’s your life not the life of everybody that tells you, you can’t or shouldn’t do it. Let me say this though the number one rule to this is whatever you do it should be sustainable. Don’t go on a self-destructing path where you burn your money, your reputation and your health. Find a way to keep these in check and do what you want.

If not me then give yourself the permision to just go on that adventure your life should be!!!


Dare to live or don’t live at all!!!

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