Watch me create a side hustle to get more money!!!


It’s been awhile since I uploaded something here. I was busy with school stuff and went out of the country twice. I got back last week and went fully into workmode without actually getting some rest and now I’m laying down on the couch like a zombie.

So I got an anouncement I’m starting a lifestyle vlog. It will basically support the blog I’m planning to put out by giving you a look inside my proces and everything around it.
You will also see me go on a journey to become a paid blogger while I’m doing this.

Take a look at the first two episodes right here!!!

The first episode is more of a intro to start this journey off

In a very giving mood right now so here is 02 for you all to watch!!!

I could really use the support so if you’re not subscribed to the channel do it now it would really mean alot to me.

See you when vlog 03 drops!!!

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