Beware the dangers of abundance!

The moment you realise you’re capable of much more than you thought a whole new world opens for you. The limiting beliefs you once had about experiences and achievements you deperately craved for start to disappear. When this blockade disapears from your vision you begin to see opportunities. This is a good thing, but also a bad thing at the same time.

You might be wondering how could this be bad. Let’s say you go to get some icecream and the only flavors that are available are chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. It wouldn’t take that much time to pick two flavours, but what would happen if you add 10 extra kinds of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavours. It’s going to take alot longer to pick the flavours.

This is what can happen when you have a abundance of oppurtunities. You might get stiffled by the abundance of opportunities. In a world where speed and execution are essential this can be deadly.

Right now for example I’m busy trying to build a community and giving it value by vlogging and blogging. I’m also trying to get more into freelance blogging, starting a new initiative with my mastermind, work on a new video course, I get offered random freelance video editing projects and trying to learn more about my craft. It’s all really cool, but when I list it all (and this isn’t even everything) you begin to see how absurd it is too try and do this all at once.

I always knew this, but now that I’m in this sitiuation it really gets trown in your face how important focus is. We only have twenty four hours in a day and dividing these between all these activities will slow you down massively and get you nowhere.

Sometimes we have too sacrifice opportunities that might look like they would get you further on your path, but actually divert you from it.

Bigger things are coming your way as long as you stay focused on your path!

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