What the way of the superior man taught me about the layers of purpose!!!

Have you ever felt really pasionate about something till the point that you might think this thing you’re doing is meant to be your lives purpose? It’s not a luxury everyone has, but once you’ve found something like that it makes you feel great. On the other hand have you ever experienced losing interest in that goal till the point that you’re even wondering why you are even doing it at all?

Not too long ago I can say without doubt I was in this phase. You lose your purposefullness and that’s not a great feeling I can tell you. So being the booknerd that I am I started reading some books and stumbled upon the book the way of the superior man by David Deida. By the time I read it I already solved the problem, but what was described in there helped me understand what happened.

According to the book the way of the superior man you don’t have just one goal, but you have multiple and every time you embark on a journey to fulfill one of these goals you get closer to what David Deida calls your highest truth. So all these other goals are layers you have to go through to get there.

The different layers
The first layers you go through are most removed from your truth so in most cases they are inherited from the plans other people have for you and youth experiences. You persue those goals; you get tired of them and start looking for something else that’s closer to your highest truth.

My father for example used to be a urban planner and just because he was a urban planner I wanted to become one too. It wasn’t a internal thing that drove me to this so after awhile the motivation and interest in it just went away.

People might think you’re making wrong decision, but in reality you’re doing the right thing, because these are nothing more than stepping stones to get you to where you need to be.

Signs of going to the next layer
Losing interest might be a sign that you need to go to a different layer, but it doesn’t always mean that. I’ve been in situations where you just don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel and because of that you just want to quit. You didn’t fulfill the layer, but you let habits of laziness and comfort get the best of you.To find the awnser in which of these situation you are I’ve put some signs David Deida talks about here with which you can check where you’re at.

1.you lose motivation and interest in your mission.
2.You don’t regret going through the experience or deciding to quit
3.Even though you have no idea what you’re going to do next you feel clear.
4.You feel energized only at the thought of no longer being part of the old layer
5.Your past layer feels insignificant from your perspective

In the past even though I knew I did the right thing leaving a layer to get to the next one being between layers kind of freaked me out a little, because you don’t immediatly go to the next layer. Reading this book calmed me down and I hope this blog might do the same for whoever reads this.

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