What the art of war by Sun Tzu teaches us!

Just read the art of war today written by Sun Tzu again and it got me thinking about a few things. Every battle is won or lost before it’s fought this is one of Sun Tzu’s sayings and is applicable to everything.
This might be one of the most important things we all have ever heard. You might be thinking to yourself not everybody has heard about this saying, but in some way we’ve all encountered this thought. Another way of saying this for example would be ‘practice makes perfect’.

Who is Sun Tzu?
So I’ve been talking about this guy, but who is he. For the people that don’t know he was a phenomenal strategist and philosopher that lived 2500 years ago. A lot of the teachings he wrote in that book are still used
today by entrepeneurs, managers, athletes and many more.

Examples of people who lived this
A lot of people live by this saying when we look at people like Michael Jordan, Richard Branson, Ronaldo Luis Nazário de Lima, Dave Chapelle, Michael phelps these are people that practiced there brains out to get to their level.

Practice/Preparation is what made it possible for these people to perform when it was crucial they did. They didn’t leave it up to luck.

Battles I’ve lost
In my life I know many examples where I totally didn’t follow up on this saying and got burned. All the exams I didn’t prepare hoping I would get lucky. I’ll be honest some of those exams I did get lucky, but it never was a good feeling beforehand.

The paranoia, the nervousness I will never forget it and never want to be in that position again.

Empower yourself and take control of your life
By relying on luck you’re giving your power away. It might of ended well sometimes when you were young, but when you get older and you’ve got goals you want to achieve it’s not guaranteed it will go that well.

There are going to be some crucial situations in your life. In those situations you can leave everything up to luck with the enormous chance of failing and regret after or you can empower yourself by being prepared and take control of the situation.

Take on the Sun tzu mindset and win battles before they’re fought!

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