Braindump episode 05: How to improve as fast as possible!!!


Rogier here. I’m almost back to my regular schedual got some request through
the mail I’m taking care of, but I thought it would be cool to give you a little update
before I get back to it.

If you didn’t notice my url changed it’s you can still
get here through the old adress, but I’m trying to up the quality in everything
on this site and give it a more professional look.

Starting next week I’m also going to move the daily Q’s to snapchat. When I think
about the 20% that’s going to get me 80% of the results making youtube thumbnails
and tags for 1 minute video’s isn’t going to help me.

Main content

For the main content I got a braindump it’s a pretty good one if I say
so myself.


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