Offering value & Creating a social circle|| vblog(2/5)

Wadup guys,

It’s the second day of my sharing value week. I’m really enjoying making these
video’s. I’m testing some new stuff out to make the video’s a little bit more
dynamic so don’t be surprised if the video format changes mid series.
I’m looking forward to helping next week so keep the requests coming.

Main content

In today’s video I’ll be talking about how you can join or create a social circle
through offering value. I hope this can be of value to you and hope to see
you tomorrow for the third video.


heads up

Next week I want to try to offer as much value to you watchers as I can.
Need help with something just send a request to my instagram, snapchat, twitter or

Rogier Giersthove @ facebook
@pdlrogier  on instagram, twitter & snapchat.

that’s all for now.


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