Offering value & Creating a legacy || vblog (1/5)


For those that don’t know this week I’ll be posting everyday a new video as a
start for my giving value week next week. Basically I’ll be helping everybody
that requests help through messages on my facebook, twitter, instagram or
snapchat. It doesn’t matter what it is if it’s within my capabilities I’ll help you.

So send some messages so we can solve some problems together.

Main Content

I wanted to start this video of with a basic offering value video. In the other
video’s I’ll talk about applying this to different fields so you can see that
everything revolves around giving value. So here’s the video enjoy and I hope
to see you tomorrow.

For request message me at:

@pdlrogier  for instagram, twitter & snapchat
Rogier Giersthove on facebook

That’s all


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