Braindump 04: Withstanding adversity& Plateaus


Rogier here. I’ve kind of feel that I lost a little bit of momentum not doing
anything in the weekend so I’m easing my way back into it. I’m really looking
forward to this week. The ambition right now is to record and edit ten video’s.
They will all be about the same concept which is giving value.
As Zig Ziglar said you can have everything in life you want if you will just help
enough other people get what they want. I really believe this is true it
doesn’t matter what you want when people are willing to help you you’re
putting yourself in a winning position.

So I want to start doing that and give as much value to everybody
I know(and don’t know). I’ve made up my mind and going to schedual
four days in which I’m available for everybody to lend them a hand with
everything that’s with
in my capabilities.

Need help you can contact me by pm on
Rogier Giersthove on Facebook
@PDLrogier on instagram
@PDLrogier on twitter

Main content

The video for today was intended to be uploaded last week, but because of some
internet problems I couldn’t get it out. It’s finally here though



That’s all for now.


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