Slave or owner?

So I was watching a few video’s about specific master studies that are given at various universities and I noticed a few things. In alot of the video’s when it came the question was asked the awnsers always started with students that study… are brought up to work under…
This made me think. How many of us are working our brains out to make somebody else rich or happy.

When you think about it it’s kind of weird. The typical ideal lifestyle according to society is that you go to school apply for a job work till you’re somewhere in your sixties and then retire.
In that time when are you working on fulfilling your own dreams?
As Jim Rhone said
If you don’t build your own dream someone will hire you to help build their dreams.
There is nothing wrong with working for somebody if your happy doing that and it fits into your dreams, but if it doesn’t I think it’s time to look in the mirror and ask yourself
Are you a slave to someone elses dream or the owner of your own dream?

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