The long road!!!

No matter what area you’re doing it developing yourself is one of the most annoying things
you can do in my opinion. In movies and tv shows they always make it seem like it happens
in a instant. You’re trying something and all of a sudden a hidden power is released that takes
you to a whole other level. Other movies they just show a montage of the main hero training
and becoming ten times as strong. I used to watch alot of these shows so when I started doing
karate at my primary school I expected the same thing.

Well that dream got shattered when I still wasn’t allowed to use nun chucks in my third karate class.
It became painfully clear that these two minute montages and power ups that occur in movies aren’t
real.The real way to get good at something is to practice, practice & practice everyday to get
maybe 0.0000000001% better.
hardo training
Still you see people everyday searching for that way to instantly become better, richer or stronger.
Instead of failing by going on this meaningless conquest they could be succeeding by getting
those small percentages everyday.

There are no shortcuts in life so stop trying to find one.

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