How it feels to be in the zone!!

You’ve been busy doing your thing for awhile now and gradually everything you do goes smoother.
You can’t define when it happened, but everything seems different. You are no longer able to
think there is only this feeling of continuity. Time slows down untill it ceases to exist the same goes for
everything else that doesn’t have anything to do with what you are doing now. You see everything you
need to see more clearly. Every decision you make is done without you realising that you are doing it.
It’s like someone else is controling your actions and you fully trust that person. You aren’t glad or
fired up because of all the amazing things you are doing instead you are calm and collected.
You are like the calm before the storm, a stream of nothingness that swoops in and takes over everything.

Some of the people around you will notice it and might tell you that you are in the zone, but what
they say won’t register in your mind because they don’t matter, other peoples opinions don’t matter,
your problems don’t matter the only thing that matters is what you are doing right now.
It feels like gravity is out of wack and everything feels heavy, you can move fast and act fast
but there is a certain grace to everything you do. You’re no longer a part of the world everything around
you is static and you’re flowing through it like water.

You’ve opened the gate that only opens for the chosen ones. The ones that know how to
focus on one thing and become absorbed in it. Once you have been past the gate or even
have had a real taste of it you will begin to desire it even more. While I’m writing this last
sentence I dropped out of flowstate and don’t want to quit writing because I want to feel it again.

Instinctively we all try to reach this state of presence and escape the problems and boredom of
our everyday life that’s why people resort to alcohol, drugs, sex, partying, food,but what if we could
channel this state from within ourself. We can get in the zone doing anything as long as you can
put your focus on it. Imagine if you can get in the zone doing the things that solve the problems
you are trying to escape from. How would your life look like if you were able to do that.


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