Are you playing the wrong game?

I love looking at motivational video’s from entrepeneurs to the point that some people
are asking if I’m trying to brainwash myself. And the awnser to that is yes lol, but that’s
not what I want to talk about today.

Some of my favorite video’s are from people like Gary vaynerchuk,
Tai Lopez & Tony Robbins they all give different advice, but one thing they all advocate is
that you should play to your strenghts. You should play the game in which the rules are in your favor.

So many people waste their time trying to fix and excell in there weaknesses. If this is you it’s time to let go of that ego, because yes it is your ego that’s leading you! It doesn’t matter if your wholefamily excelled in the thing you suck, it doesn’t matter if society says that you are making thewrong choice always bet on your strong points.

Could you imagine what would happen if all that time you spent ‘covering your bases’ you would spent on working through your strenghts.I’m speculating right now, but I would think your results in whatever you do would skyrocket.

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