Should I quit school and start a business?

I know so many people that quit school or want to quit school that it would trip you out.
The truth is we live in a different age than the previous generation.

Back in the day if you graduated from a university you were guaranteed a good paying
job and stability. 
We are living in a different era. Just because you graduated from a
university doesn’t mean you will do well in life. In some instances you’ll arrive at the same point you would be if you’d never gone.

These are all valid reason to say ‘Yo, this isn’t working for me. I quit (Dave Chapelle voice)’. Sometimes it’s the most logical step to quit school if it’s not your strenght and start being practical with the gifts you do have. Don’t be a idiot though!!!!

There are so many people that have the perfect plan and strategy to make it, but lack the habits to excecute. You hear so many excuses like school isn’t inspiring me it’s boring if I find that thing I’m really pasionate about I’ll go all out and the truth is you won’t!

Being able to excecute is a habit that you adapt over time. As I said you might have the
perfect plan, the perfect strategy without excecution you might as well quit that too.

Even if you find that thing your so pasionate about there will always be little essential things you need to do, but don’t like to do. You might have more leverage to do it, but that’s not going to guarantee that you will do it consistent when it matters most. 

So to those that know themself having a lack of these habit I’d say stay in school, but for different reasons. Learn to do the things you don’t like and make a habit out of it. Then test it in your free time by making some kind of project and see how you deal with the demeanial tasks. If you succeed get your entrepeneur on if you don’t
stop complaining shut up and start building those habits.

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