Seeing the big picture

I once read a book called the seven habits of highly effective people and this book gave me
a mindshift that will forever be engrained in my brain. The writer was talking about
something called living effectively.

A part of learning to live effectively was to write out something called mision statements.
An example of a few mision statements I had were

I won’t apologise for my needs as a man

I will never stop with developing myself, because in my opinion it’s one of the things
that defines me as a man

These mision statements are basically guidlines to live your life according to what you
think is right. It kind of gives you a road to walk on towards your endgoal.

I realised when I did this that some of my mision statements conflicted the other and
if I kept it this way I would get alot of internal and external resistance on the path to my endgoal.

It gave me the ability to connect my actions now to my longtermgoals and when I say long term
I mean twenty years in the future long term. This made it a whole lot easier for me to let certain
things go and take more risks.

So my question to you now is what is your endgoal? Or maybe even what kind of person do you want to be eventually?
In my opinion you should know the awnser to atleast one of these two question to live a effective life.
When you do you can use it as a filter to guide you through your decisions.
What major should I pick for my study?
Where should I live? Should I spend more time on this or do something else?

Just ask yourself everytime how is this decision helping me towards my endgoal.
If it’s working against your goals just cut it off.

It’s all about the bigger picture!!!

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