Braindump 01: My trip to Hong Kong & Core confidence!!!

Rogier here. I wanted to give you a little heads with what I’ve been busy with.

IMG_20151010_174442Chillin’ at Burgerz
After Japan I was pretty sick so I’ve been
missing the get togethers with the
mastermindgroup so we decided to go to
Burgerz after themeeting.
Personally I think they have the best oreo
milkshakes I’ve ever tasted. You should try it.




Shooting video’s
I went into town after not filming for two weeks.
I was in the hague filming for the 15 second video
and chill with some friends who came through
to help me out.





The last three weeks every monday to thursday
I’ve locked myself up to work on this passion
project that will hopefully finance my next travel





The new set up
I’ve been thinking lately of reorganising my blogs and video’s, because
It’s becoming a mess. So I’m dividing them in different catogories. First we got the
15 second madness video’s that are intended for instagram, but I’m also going to
put them on my blog. Second we got the braindumps which are basicaly video’s of
me rambling about anything that enters my mind and third we have ‘conversations
with’ where I invite people and we talk about all kinds of things.

So here’s the first 15secondmadness video I uploaded a few days ago

This weeks video
But on to this weeks video. It’s about confidence and it was shot in Hong Kong
which is basically one of the most awesome places in the world in my opinion
If you get the chance visit it.

here’s the video enjoy 😉

That’s all for now!!!

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