How to further in activities you like, but can’t focus on!!!!

Yo yo,

Rogier here. Apologies for last week, but I was in Hong Kong where I had
trouble uploading this video. So I decided to skip a week. The trip was
awesome though we went to highest skybar in the world, to the peak of a mountain,
crossed the sea with ferrys, ate at various places and lots more. I’m going to
put the whole experience on instagram for you too see.
So follow me @pdlrogier on instagram.

Back to the video for today. I edited while being on the plane with
a heavy time constraint, but it came out pretty nice in my opinion.

So enjoy!!!!

As a bonus I wanted to put this song up. For some weird reason it really motivates
me to work hard and make it possible for me to travel more and meet new people.

That’s all for now!!!


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