A very personal vlog about setting boundaries for yourself (with Elder dos Santos)


Rogier here. I’m really exited I can finaly put this video up. It was recorded
almost half a year ago with my peer Elder. I’m totally in state while
I’m writing this, because I’m doing a tony robbins audio course about taking
every aspect of your life to next level it doesn’t matter if it’s health, finances,
relationships or spirituality he touches on all the subjects and gets you
to take that first step.
If interested the program is called get the edge from tony robbins.

Now back to the video. It’s a long one, but really cool. It shows our
perspectives on boundaries and the struggles we’ve had with it.
This is only part one and I’ll probaly upload part two next week
even though I’m not making any promises.

So enjoy!!!!

I really like this format, because your basically chilling and seeing what comes out.
I’m thinking of making more of these in the future since you come up with new
ideas and perspectives while your doing it.

For those interested in more of elder you can find him through this video.
He also has a comedy channel so check that out too.

Well that’s all for now.


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