Stop crying and start doing!!!


Rogier here. Squeezing this video out in the last minute got alot of stuff to do. My sumer vacation just started which means
I can work more on stuff like this without urgent stuff getting in the way. In eleven day’s I’m also leaving this country to visit
a few other so I don’t know if I can upload my video’s on the usual time, but I’m going to try my best.

For todays video I wanted to revisit a old concept I talked about in my first ever vblog. The old video is somewhere on my old
account, but I thought a refresher for the new channel would be appropriate.

So enjoy!!!!

As a bonus I wanted to put a video from a congress Tony Robbins attended. For the people that don’t know him
he’s one of the biggest badasses in self-development in my opinion. He’s a results coach when NBA players, Music artists,
Professional golf players want to go to the next level or want to re-ignite that passion and drive to kill it they go to him.
It’s a pretty long video, but the main message I was talking about in my video he gets across in the beginning so you don’t
have to watch the whole video.

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