Month: mei 2015

Doing the demenial tasks that set you up for succes!!!


 I’ve been kind of busy with a new project I’m working on and neglected the blog my apologies for that, but I’m back.

For today I got a video I filmed a while ago I can’t really remember when lol,
but I like this one. It’s about learning to do those demenial tasks  that are the pillars
where your dreams, hobbys or career stands on.


Battling procrastination with deep appreciation

Sup sup sup,

Rogier here,

I’m enjoying some free time right now before I’m going back to the architecture life tomorrow  and because of
that I wanted to squeeze in a video. This  was recorded a while ago, but is a good reminder for me to not
take the little things for granted. I’m going to try to upload as much as I can the next few weeks. So look
forward to it.

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Well that’s all for now

Love Peace & Pancakes!!!