The superior man knows how to live in uncertainty!!!


Got back from Sweden a few days ago and I have to say it wa pretty awesome. I went to great parties met some great people
and sniffed up some viking culture haha. I will be uploading some of the pictures on instagram. For those that don’t know you
can follow me  @pdlrogier

Before you watch this I’ll say, because I value your time that this video isn’t for everybody. It was meant for a specific set of people that are
struggling with uncertainty in persuing there goals.

So my video for today was an poetic experiment from last summer. I found it while I was browsing through my old hard drive.
While I’m writing this I’m still doubting putting it up, because I feel like my presentation form is horrible; but as a wise man once said as soon as there is doubt
there is barrier or limiting belief that can be shattered.

So enjoy!!!

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