I am a quitter!!!

Most people don’t know this, but most of the things I’ve chosen to do over these pastcouple of years are things I struggle with the most.
It’s been so hard that that I give up and quite everyday ( I’m not even joking).
I think about quitting school projects everyday, I think about 
quitting working on my social skills almost everyday,
I think about quitting working on my business everyday, I think about quitting everything I do nowadays everyday.
I chose a lifestyle that incorporates so many difficult things it sometimes feels impossible to do all these things at once,
but everyday I want to quit something stops me.

It’s my why. I’m doing all these things because I want to have peak experiences. Do the stuff
99% of the population will never see or experience.

With some knowledge, momentum & some help of the almighty I know I’ll get there.

I am a quitter, but I chose this lifestyle for a reason !!!!


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