Month: april 2015

The superior man knows how to live in uncertainty!!!


Got back from Sweden a few days ago and I have to say it wa pretty awesome. I went to great parties met some great people
and sniffed up some viking culture haha. I will be uploading some of the pictures on instagram. For those that don’t know you
can follow me  @pdlrogier (meer…)

Life ain’t short!!!

The saying life is short is a phrase that is really popular, But is it really?
According to Seneca life can be a lot longer than you think if you don’t waste it on the wrong things.


How much of your time has been taken up by people that complain, leech good emotions of you  etc.

Start seeing yourself as high end club. People want to go there because they’ve got boundaries.
They don’t let the bad in. So start attracting the good into you life.