There’s no such thing as standing still!!!!!

Everyday we’re making choices. Some big choices that can change your life forever
and some small choices. Often it’s hard to make importantant choices and often because of that you do nothing. What if I told you that doing nothing is a descision in itself.

 -When you want to do something about your health and you’re posponing going to the gym till later that is a descision.

 -When you want to walk up to that girl, but you don’t do it that is a descision.

 -When you want to start a business, but you don’t pull the trigger.

 I started this blog by saying we have big choices that impact or life and small choices, but that actually isn’t true. Everything that impacts your life is rarely the result of just one event it’s all these micro actions that pile up to either a succes or a disaster.

 It’s a domino effect. For example a few days ago my goal was to wake up 7 oçlock in the morning, but ended up staying in bed till 10 this small discission affected my entire schedual for the day. I stood up to late and because of that I didn’t have time to go to the gym before school. I had to go after school in the time I would usually spend on writing a blog. I was so behind on my schedual that I didn’t get enough sleep and overslept the next day for class.

 I don’t want to make you paranoid about every little choice you make, but I do think you should put some emphasis on the choices you do intend to make, because no matter how small you think they are they affect your life.

 That’s all for now peace!!!!!


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