Month: maart 2015

Relying on proof not promises


Really tired right now I’ve been doing to much and not sleeping that much. I gues it’s
time to put some activities in maintainance mode before everything turns into a mess.
For today I got a quick little video I recorded a while ago. I hope you enjoy it.

That’s all for now.


What I want to do right now!!

A few weeks ago I was slacking in a lot of area’s in my life. I kind of lost momentum and because of that I went into a downwards spiral. So I brought this to attention in my mastermind group and they did this awesome exercise with me. It was an exercise to connect me back with my center (My mission, Identity & goals). This made me realise how important it is to get away from everything once in a while and contemplate a little bit about what your doing, where you’re headed and what you want.

I realised that I need to step it up a notch and lean a little bit more over my comfort zone. So starting now I’m going to travel more, take on passion projects I was kind of scared to do and develop myself more by taking all sorts of courses.

Life is short and it’s yours so sculpt it in the way you envision it.


That’s all for now,




Sacrificing who you are for who you want to become!!!


I’ve been slacking lately in almost every area in my life and I was kind of bummed
out by it. I think this happened because of a few reasons, but the one I’m talking about in this
quick video right here is probaly one of the bigger ones. It’s a old video I recorded last year, but
I wanted to put it up as a reminder to myself.