Day in the life of: The new Paagman


Right now I’m sick while I’m writing this, but I have to say it’s been a pretty chill week. The new semester
just started and I’m finaly back in the gym after having a loooooooonnnggg hiatus, because of school, work & a
passion project I’m working on. Now I’m back though so let’s get on with it.
Today I’m trying something new. I completely changed the format of my vlog just out of curiosity.
The way I filmed it was different and the way I edited it has changed too. It felt really weird filming this
way you’ll probaly see it in the way I’m talking, but in time i’ll get used to it.



I found this video a few weeks ago. It’s pretty awesome.
The message and the way it’s edited really inspires me to try new things so you’ll see some
awesome thing on this youtube channel in the future I garantee it.

That’s all for now.


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