Succes barriers in dating

Before you read this let me make this clear I’m not a dating specialist of some kind.I’m just a guy who basically went from being really shy and not being able to talk to people I didn’t know to becoming really good at sparking conversations with strangers by pro-actively working on it.

So what I’m about to write is targeted at a specific group of people.

This is for all the socially awkward guys who like myself took controll of their own life and made the decission to work on themself and are willing to go through pain, hummiliation & hardships to better themself in this aspect. If you don’t fall under this category this blog is not for you.

As I said I pro-actively worked on my social skills to get better at communicating in general. I did that by constantly putting myself in situations that put social pressure on myself and learning to deal with them. I’m busy with a study where you have to finish every coarse with a presentation, I started dancing and participated in battles & started sparking up conversations with women in the middle of the day in crowded places and I learned really handy stuff as a result.

So today I want to talk about succes bariers in dating. In other words when the obstical between you and the woman of your dreams is yourself. This is something that can occur when your on the journey of becoming your best self in dating.

These succes barriers can manifest in different ways so I’ll give a few examples

-Not hitting up the numbers you get from girls
-Not stepping up and talk to the girl you like
-Leaving mid-conversation even though everything is going well
-Cancelling dates
-Avoiding long term relationships

In my opinion these succes barriers are there, because we are dealing with the unknown and that scares us. There are many variations maybe it’s your first time getting a number from a girl or the first time you got a number from a girl that seems out of your league.

This esspecially happens when you start to get better at talking to women, because you start to identify with your succes. You no longer see yourself as the socially awkward guy, but as the guy who is good at this and that guy never gets rejected. This perception of yourself can stifle you and prevent you from taking risks, because risks don’t always go in your favor. In these cases instinctively you wil sabotage yourself by not trying, because then you can still tell yourself that if you actually tried you could’ve done it.

So now that we know this how can we blast through these barriers?
I don’t have this perfect how to to break past your barriers, but what I do know is everytime I broke through a barrier ( Which most of the time was followed by the next one) I had to change the way I saw myself. Instead of seeing yourself as good or bad at dating see yourself as someone who ebs and flows between both. That way you won’t get stiffled when you have to take risks and you’ll at peace with your results no matter what they are.


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That’s all for now peace!!!!

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