Month: januari 2015

Why you’re so bored with your life

What up,

 So I’m sitting on the couch again writing while I try to figure out what I’ll be writing about and….

I got it hahaha. When I was young and I was busy with something challenging. I’d always think about how great it would be to complete it and the feeling after. I didn’t notice untill two years ago, but the day after I would feel good, but there would also be a unpleasant feeling creeping up on me. The same would happen when I failed at something. I would feel really bored.

 A few years ago I got really facinated with Sherlock Holmes and the stories written about him and heard that he was based the character on a teacher Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (the writer) used to have who could some of the things Sherlock Holmes did to a way lesser degree though. After learning that you could train your mind like that I started reading a lot about the method of loci a.k.a Sherlocks famous mind palace ( I’ll put a video under the blog that explains what it is) and how it all starts with being mindfull.

 So what is mindfullness it’s the state your in where your awereness hightens. This for example happens when you focus on something, but most of the time people aren’t in a state of mindfulness. They’re in a state of mindlesness, because it puts less strain on your brain.

 A example of this would be driving a car. When you start learning to drive a car it’s really hard and you have to concentrate on every little thing you do. As time goes by you gather a lot of experience and you start to do stuff on auto pilot. In other words you don’t have to be as mindfull to everything you do while your driving.

 It’s a really handy thing, but it’s also the reason boredom comes up. If you would write all the actions you do for a month you’d probaly find out that most of the stuff you do everyday is the same and a result of being on autopilot. This means you rarely do something that exites or challenges you.

 True happiness comes from being engaged in something according to the book flow by Mihaly Csikszenmihalyi. I thinks there is some truth this.


What do you think?


An example of the use of the memory palace from BBC’s Sherlock


Cutting of your own bullshit. Blast through petty instant gratification to find your masculinity!!!!!!!!

Happy new year folks,


I had an awesome new year celebration with friends and family. It really got me thinking about a lot of stuff in my life I’m working on changing, but might not have done in the most effective way.
If you are familiair with the self help branch you’ll always here that you have to surround ourself with people on your level that aspire the same things as you and people that are at a higher level than you. They also say that people that are a bad influence you should cut out of your life, but there’s one person that has the power to influence you more than anyone else. This guy will be there everytime you wake up, eat & go to sleep I’m talking about that guy you sometimes hate and love at the same time. I’m talking about …………. YOU.


When I look at my life probaly 80% of the idiotic stuff I go through is my own fault. In my case it’s through emotional contemplation. Mentally I’ve set all these goals about how I want to live my life, but emotionally and probaly also biologically in a certain way I don’t care about these goals and I’m glad to just be in a comfortable position in life and because of that everytime I get the choice between living a mediocre comfortable life or a live with no certainty and the capabillity to become an awesome life there is going to be that temptation to take the easy way out.


So it’s time for a shift in the way I think. Instead of chasing the stuff that will give you the good emotions. I’m going to dive head in first in uncertainty for a while to see where it will take me. It’s probally going to suck, but I think I will come out of it a better man.


So I encourage everybody that’s trapped in comfortability to take the dive with me heads in first and become the people we aspire to be!!!!!!