O-o-h child thing will get easier!!!!!! Where the guardians of the galaxy and Napoleon Hill coincide in my mind!!!!!


Right now I’m sitting in bedroom planning typing out this blog while listening to the guardians of the galaxy soundtrack ( The most awesome soundtrack ever made). I had a kind of light week which is pretty awesome considering the last time I had that was September I think. In the next couple of weeks I’m going to be shooting a series of vblog with the theme the superior man so watch out for that.

Yesterday I started reading think and grow rich by Napolean Hill and he was talking about having faith and it started to get me thinking about all kind of situations where I failed or gave up. In all these situations there was one thing that was always present. It was a lack of faith.
Sometimes the situation just looks so grim that you’ll never think you’ll succeed, but remember you might have failed a hundred times, but as long as faith is present there will always be hope.

Even though it’s pretty easy thing to just say you’re going to have faith it’s probably one of the hardest things to do 24/7 your faith will Eb and Flow. Especially when you’ve never thrived in a situation, because past situations are live lines that can save your live.

I’ve been in a similar situation before and survive!

I got through it then I can get through it now!

If you have trouble building up this faith start by looking at your small victories. You probably have small victories every day, but because you take them for granted they don’t work as fuel to increase your faith. When you start making a habit of looking for small victories your brain will eventually seek out these small victories everywhere.

Small examples might be reading two pages from a book everyday or even one. Waking up without using the snooze button. Even making breakfast could be considered a small victory.
When you see these things as small victories and kill it with the small victories everyday there’s no way your faith won’t increase.

Well that’s all folks!!!!


God I love this song!!!

And an ode to the creaters of this song on the soul train

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