So I walked up to this girl, but what now?

Wadup peepz,

Not having the best week of my life right now. My laptop and computer broke down my cellphone is tripping out and I got tons of deadlines, but C’est la vie! They’re not going away by moaning about them. I’m still bummed out though because I really wanted to post a vlog today, but yeah Let’s get on with the blog.

Today I’m diving a little bit into the dating stuff and I’ll start this off by saying
the biggest reason why most men don’t approach women is because they don’t know what to say so I thought let me make a blog about it so you guys can realize that knowing what to say is the least of your problems and you can work on more important things lol.

So let me give you some background information about myself I used to be one of the shyest kids you would’ve ever met. The only people I could talk normally with was my family and my friends. If anybody else would talk to me I would clam up or talk so soft that nobody could understand me. I even got nervous if I had to greet people I didn’t know. With that kind of history you don’t exactly become don juan.

So here is a piece of info what helped me a lot:

  1. The reason you don’t know what to say is because you are filtering your words. Lower the bar everything you say is acceptable.
  2. It doesn’t matter what you say what matters is your vibe when you say it.
  3. Women will find everything you say interesting, because they want to know what you find interesting.

To hammer this down I leave you with an example of this. A few weeks ago I went out and I met this girl and we were playing truth or dare in the club and she dared me to go to a girl surrounded by four guys and tell her that I had to take a dump. So the first thing I thought was these guys are going to kick my ass, but the doormen were nearby so I thought what the hell Let’s do this. I walked up to the girl and it felt like everyone around me stopped what they were doing and started to look at what I was doing. Funny how in these kind of situations it always feels like everybody is watching you. So I tapped the girl and said I had to take a dump and I asked her if she hated it when it that happened in the club. She started to laugh and we started to hit it off. Funny enough the other girl got jelous and tried to pull me away from her haha. So you never know!

Well that’s all for now


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