The world is a unfair place: How to use this fact in your favor!


Rogier here back again bringing you a new article. Just got back from a awesome church service in Rotterdam. You know the churches in movies where the choirs are going wild and people are singing screaming and dancing everywhere. It was exactly like that. I got so much love those kind of churches you instantly feel happy. I’m going to probably going to mix in some clips of the service in the bonus clip than you can actually see how crazy it can get.

Why the world is unfair
Getting back to the topic a lot of people think we live in a unfair world and to be honest I totally agree that we live in a unfair world, but paradoxically that’s the reason everybody has a fair shot at doing the thing they are meant to do. This probably sounds very vague when you hear so let me explain how I think about this. The reason I think the world is unfair is because everybody has a unfair advantage at something and because we have these unfair advantages we can all excel in our own little niches if we know how to make use of these.

I used to call these things talents, but it’s not the same thing. A talent can be an unfair advantage, but an unfair advantage doesn’t always have to be a talent. You can find unfair advantages in the weirdest situations.

Examples of unfair advantages
The most basic one is being born in a rich family. If your family is rich use that advantage there is no shame in using the tools that you have in front of you.

Being born in a poor family. People only see the downsides to being poor, but it also has an upside.  Let’s be honest people are conditioned to always strive to get the most out of thing, by doing the least amount of things. So when your poor and your life feels like shit and you don’t have any choice  but to go up you create leverage. When you got everything in the world handed to you it’s going to be a lot harder to take initiative and do something on your own.

The need to be significant. This is a really handy advantage to have because it doesn’t matter what you apply yourself to there will always be a need to be a significant in it. This can drive you to do some awesome things.

Being empathetic . This a very powerful advantage that’s applicable almost everywhere. When managing team for instance you can be the one that guides them when there are speed bumps.

I could talk for hours about this, but I don’t have the time for that now so on to the next subject.

Place yourself in positions where your unfair advantages flourish
When you know what your unfair advantages are and you want to make the most of them create a world around yourself where you get valued for having and using these unfair advantages.
Let’s say you are in establish rapport and persuading people then being in sales could be an obvious choice. If you are really good at analyzing then do something with researching involved, start hanging

out with people with the same interest and subscribe to magazines, books, video’s etc. so you get confronted by it constantly.


That’s all I have to say for now! I’m planning to go way more in depth about this in the future, but for now I hope this can be of help.



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