How to handle disappointments!


Normally I talk about achieving goals and building the live you desire, but today I wanted to talk about something different. I am here to talk about failures and disappointments. In my short life I’ve had to deal with a few disappoints that had to do with school, relationship and other stuff. They can kick you of your path by numbing you and taking away your will to do anything. It’s healthy to sulk for a while, but there is something you have to be aware of when you fail at something it’s not one action that causes it, but several little actions that led you to that point. So the decision to sulk and do nothing after you failed at something is probably one of the little actions that can put you into a downwards spiral. This is something I’ve always knew, but not on a conscious level.

So let’s say you’re in a negative spiral what do you do to get out of that. First thing you do is lower your criteria for success and aim for a small win. Just like little actions can set you up for failure they can also set you up for success. After that you have a little bit of momentum you can roll with. With that momentum you start to study failure by beginning with your own failures. Take this very serious! You can do this by looking at specific things for example your willpower and were it breaks down, a habit that’s setting you back or even external factors like distractions from people. When you have these things clear start to formulate a plan to counteract these actions.

I utilized this for everything in my life except the stuff that really mattered to me which is kind of stupid,  but now that I see it I can use it to become a better man and I hope it helps you too.


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