How to produce more in less time!!!

Sup peeps,

Right now I’m in my apartment rushing to upload this blog before I go outside to shoot another one. I thought I mix up things for
this post and instead of writing everything down and put up a bonus video I just put the whole thing on video. Let me know what you


Thanks for watching the video I hope it contained some value Like it did for me. I’m planning to do a lot more longer video’s, because I
kind of suck at public speaking in my opinion so I’m going to use these for practice.

That’s all for now


Notes from the video

-Actions in your life are defined by Importance and Urgence in this system.
-The actions are divided in quadrants based on there levels of importance and urgence.
-Quadrant 1 Actions that are important and urgent –  Deadlines for school, work etc.
-Quadrant 2 Actions that are important, but not urgent – These are the 20% actions that produce 80% of the results
-Quadrant 3 Actions that aren’t important, but are urgent – They don’t further your goals, but they seem urgent.
-Quadrant 4 Actions that aren’t important and aren’t urgent – activities for relaxation ( TV, trivia, listening to music etc.)
– Try to spend most of your time in quadrant 2 and your quadrant 1 obligations will go down.

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