Never try to impress a girl!!!


Rogier here trying to sqeeze in a quick blog. Today I wanted to talk about a topic I haven’t
really been paying attention on my blog, but quite the opposite in real life. I’m talking about dating philosphy. After getting rejected by millions of women hahaha I got a few insights about approaching women and what a lot of men (including myself for a part of the time) do wrong.

We as people are social beings and learn a lot of what we know through second hand experience. An example of this is knowing that if you get hit by a bullet you will get hurt. We don’t have to experience it. This really comes in handy because we can learn a lot in a relatively short time, but this also has a negative side especially when it comes to picking up women.

drop-the-gun-or-else-ill-shoot meme









If you look at tv programs a lot of ideas get put to the front that just aren’t true. The most typical idea I see on tv is the idea that you have to impress the girl. Trying to impress a girls is probably one of the most ineffective ways to go about picking her up, because of two things. One every girl is different so if you see a girl on the street and you start talking to her you don’t know anything about her including what might impress her. The second reason I can think of is if you’re busy trying to impress her by putting on your so called ‘cool’ or even a ‘nice guy’ character when does she get the time to know the real you.

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Now that we know this let me give you a tip that helped me a lot with this subject. Emotions are contagious! Let’s say you’re having fun with your friends and one of your friends all of a sudden says his mom died what will happen to the vibe? It will go down and everybody will feel uneasy visa versa what will happen if you are feeling a little down and a friend of yours comes barging through the door in partymode? You’ll probably get drawn into that .

You can use that when trying to pick up a girl. If you come with good emotions she will get drawn into that. Stop impressing and start trying to make yourself laugh with what you’re saying and doing. Even if it doesn’t make sense just blurt it out. Keep in mind this won’t work a hundred percent of the time their will be a lot of girls that probably won’t like your humor, but that’s a good thing because then you don’t have to waste your time with the girls you don’t connect with.

I’ve prioritized working on a project for school over this blog so there won’t be a special bonus video this week, but I intend to go
in much more depth about this subject in a later blog.

That’s all for now



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