The mentality needed to improve in any skill + old school clip of me krumping

Waddup peepz,
Today I wanted to talk about something I read in a book called mastery by Robert Green. It’s an amazing book I urge you to read it especially when you’re busy cultivating a skill. I read the book and one of the insights I got from the book is that if you’re not busy developing a skill it will decay. Which is pretty much true. I used to do a dance called krump for a really long time and this phenomenon used to occur a lot during my krumping years. I learned something knew and started to excel, but then after a while I started to get comfortable with the level I was at and my skills started to decline and stuff like going down in my ranking (In my crew) happened. I used to thought if I took It easy I would just stay at the same level, but that wasn’t true. You either are developing yourself or you’re going backwards and letting yourself go that’s the harsh truth.

That is why I bring to you the mass consumption mentality.
This is one of the concepts I suck at the most, because I’m not that pro-active by nature. When I first heard people talking about the mass consumption mentality it was perceived by those people as something bad. They said stuff like We always want more and more and it ruins the planet or relationships and ourselves as human beings. Yes the mass consumption mentality has it’s negative sides, but it also has a positive side when developing yourself and the skills you’re trying to cultivate.

Stay hungry, keep wanting to achieve more, keep trying to raise the bar. There is no such thing as the sweet spot in terms as a level where you don’t have to work anymore. For instance take the summer vacation feeling you have after a long holiday. You start with school again, but your mind isn’t focused this so called sweet spot is kind of the same thing on the long term. Imagine you would stay in this sweet spot for the rest of your life you will slowly fry your brain and won’t be able to do anything. That doesn’t sound like true happiness to me.
In my opinion the sweet spot is the moment you’re comfortable with always striving to improve yourself. So stop craving for this illusion where having all the money in the world and not doing anything will make you happy. In the Book flow by Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi he talks about true happiness and that it could be found in the process rather than in a result. What he means by that is true happiness can be found in progress. Embrace this and a lot of good stuff will happen.
That’s all for now,


As a bonus this week I thought I put an old school video of me krumping back in the days


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