Set Standards for yourself!


I’m just got up and planning to go to Amsterdam later in the day, but before I go I wanted to write a quick little blog. Lately I haven’t been working out as much as I must and that brought me to the topic I’m presenting to you today which is called standards.

Let me ask you are you happy with your life and I don’t mean contempt, but happy?  This blog is for the people who have goals, but still wander why their lives aren’t the way they envisioned it when they were young. You were working hard, but then life happened. Thoughts started popping in your head like I don’t have time for this, I’m too tired to do this right now and the most dangerous one I could do it if I wanted to. Let me tell you right now you can’t!

When thoughts like this pop up into your head and you act upon them you are a in some way’s a slave to your emotions and because emotions come in waves you lack consistency in your actions. So if you want to achieve something despite having emotions that won’t help you achieve them you need something more, you need something that is incorruptible and everlasting you need  Batman! Just kidding! You need personal standards. Standards are actions, methods, habits etc established by yourself that you see as acceptable. When you have personal standards everything you see as something you should do will become a must because anything lower than your standard is not acceptable.

Everything you have in your life right now is a result of your personal standards. The friends you hang out with, the relationships you are in, your financial situation, your health it’s all a result of your personal standards.

So ask yourself what standards have you accepted for yourself in departments of your life like health, relationships, career and your spirituality and also ask yourself why. If they don’t line up with the goals you have in your life raise them.

Below I got a video that is a bonus for the blog.

That is it for today see you in two weeks.



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