Thinking of yourself as an incapable idiot is the best thing you can do!!!!

Waddup people,

Right now I’m at my mom’s house just stayed here for a day because I got problems with the internet in my apartment. I just got a call from my cousin if I wanted to do a job for him next week. The old me would have probably said yes without knowing my schedule and have a hard time keeping that promise, but what I did was check my schedule to be certain I can do it and refused the job because I have other priorities.  

This event gave me inspiration for the blog I’m now writing. A lot of motivational speakers try to get people to not underestimate there self and talk about all the potential they have. I’m not a motivational speaker nor do I tend to write about not underestimating yourself in this article. What I want to bring to your attention is that sometimes it’s a good thing to underestimate yourself especially when it comes to planning and time management.

After reading a lot about time management I came to realize that I AM A IDIOT! I have acquired an enormous toolkit of techniques I can use to organize my life and are very effective, but every now and then I still have times where my life turn into total chaos for a short time. Why is that? After evaluating the stuff I do I realized it comes from overestimating myself. Everything goes well for a while and I start to think I can remember the stuff without writing stuff down and planning when to do it. Every time I do that the same thing happens I tend to forget little things that cause an domino  effect that gradually leads to a lot of stress, missing deadlines and not keeping promises.

If you have a process that works for you to be efficient don’t let go of that(Unless you’re experimenting with creating a better process.). See yourself as a incapable idiot and things will work out hahahah.

That’s it for now. Don’t put yourself above your process and Peace!!!!!!!!!!

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