Month: februari 2014

My view on internal struggles and how to deal with them!!!!

Waddup people,

I got some updates for you as of now I’m converting every blog on this site to English, because a lot of my friends don’t speak Dutch. In the next two to three weeks I’ll probably be busy translating all the blogs I haven’t posted yet. On to some more news in the spirit of investing in myself I just bought a new video camera with which I’ll be recording vblogs. I think this will really help with my public speaking and makes it visually more attractive to watch if you’re not yet bought in into developing yourself to become man in your prime.

Now that I got that out of the way I want to to talk to you guys about internal struggles. The last half year I was planning to start a company with some friends of mine. I was really excited, but for some reason I just couldn’t fully commit to working on this venture. Even when I thought about it a feeling of internal struggle just overcame me. At first I thought it was fear that was holding me back, but when I researched myself I came to an entirely different conclusion. The reason I couldn’t commit to this project was because it wasn’t in line with my goals in life. The path I was going to take would take a lot of time that I should be investing in the path created for me. Because it was a really big and important decision I felt like I should write about it.

If you don’t want to fall in to trap of diverting from your path here are some tips that might be usefull.

  1. Make your goals in life, your norms and values as clear as possible and WRITE THEM DOWN!!!
  2. If you feel like you can’t commit to something you’re doing don’t ignore that feeling and take initiative to research why you can’t commit ( I’ll be posting an how to guide about that in the near future.).
  3. Have a accountability buddy that knows the things I mentioned in point one and talk with them about it.


That was it for today!!!!
Auf Wiedersen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!